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Unprecedented Opportunities To Cure Genetic Disease

Regenerative medicine offers unprecedented opportunities, with a remarkable range of potential applications in disorders affecting over 150 million patients in the United States alone. Targets for cell therapies, gene therapies, and tissue-engineered products include cardiovascular, orthopedic, neurologic, and ocular disorders, diabetes and other metabolic disorders, soft tissue injury, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. Market estimates for cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue-engineered products are in the range of $200-400 million, with projected annual growth of 10-15%.Promising as these novel biologic products are, commercialization presents unique challenges throughout the development pathway. Pharma- and biotechnology-based assumptions and practices do not always translate directly to living biologic products. Specialized expertise is essential, from initial due diligence, to planning preclinical studies, developing scalable, cost-effective manufacturing, and navigating the regulatory pathway.

Advanced Cell & Gene Therapy, LLC is a consulting firm specializing in development and commercialization of cell therapy, gene therapy, and tissue-engineered products.

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